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6 homes for sale that will astonish you

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  • Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Price: $4 million

The design of this 1930s home is a cross between a castle and a Tudor palace -- with a touch of "Downton Abbey."

Built during the Depression, it was outfitted in grand style, using artisans, stone cutters, iron workers and craftsmen "who could do elaborate detailing," says Katie Redhead, Realtor/broker for Tyler Redhead & McAlister Real Estate.

Almost every room has a massive fireplace with an intricately carved mantle and hearth, she says. "Each one is unique."

The servants' quarters include five bedrooms, two sitting rooms and their own kitchen. And the servants' call buttons are still located in the home's old-fashioned kitchen.

Many rooms

The kitchen, in keeping with a well-to-do house of the period, was actually a series of rooms -- one for cooking, one for food prep (with the still-functional 1930s ice box) and one for warming dinner, Redhead says.

The house also keeps a few secrets. A hidden passageway leads from the master bedroom to a downstairs study. And laundry chutes empty into a basement laundry room.

The property -- just over 13 1/2 acres -- has its own stables, plus two pools. It's also adjacent to the Sedgefield Country Club, which hosts the PGA's Wyndham Championship.


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