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7 tips for buyers who want a green home

Does the seller care about green?
Does the seller care about green? © Val Thoermer/

Buyers who buy green inevitably do so from sellers who care about green. Consequently, Turner says buyers can learn a lot just by engaging the seller or agent in a conversation about the home's green features.

"The more questions you ask about green, the more likely you are to figure out if they're selling you a truly green home or a green wash," she says.

To get an edge on a would-be green washer, do a little Internet research.

"The Internet is full of these quick little lists that tell you how to make a home green without much effort," Turner says. "If you find that the seller has done the bare minimum of updates that coincide with the top two or three on those lists, there's a good chance you're talking to someone who isn't as serious about green as you."

On the other hand, Turner points out, sellers who are passionate about green tend to have deep knowledge of the topic.


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