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7 negotiating tips for sellers under the gun

Don't share your life story
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Don't share your life story

You're not on the "Real Housewives" or "American Idol." You don't get extra points for your compelling back story. In fact, it could cost you big. So, as Dr. Evil so elegantly advised, "Zip it."

Sooner or later (likely sooner), a real estate agent or some sharp-eyed buyer will ask: "Why are you selling?"

"I like what I call a 'no-risk answer,'" Camp counsels his clients. Some examples:

  • The weather. It's too hot or too cold. Or maybe you've had your eye on a place in Key West, Fla., or Montana.
  • "It's time." Or, the extended version: "Well, I've been contemplating this for a while, and it's time." (Both vague and definite.)
  • Or, if you have long-distance family, you can try a variation on the above. For instance: "The family's been calling for a while, and it's time."

The secret to success: "You want to keep it simple and have it planned out," Camp says.

Most important, you give agents and buyers absolutely nothing to work with and say nothing that hints to your desire to move quickly.




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