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2012-2015 list of failed credit unions

This list shows the U.S. credit unions that have either failed or have been placed into conservatorship from 2012 to 2015.

Most of the credit unions are acquired, and, if insured, the National Credit Union Association will either transfer the member's account to another NCUA-insured credit union or give the insured member depositor a check equal to his or her insured account balance, up to the insurance limit of $250,000.

Check your own credit union's safety using Bankrate's Safe & Sound bank ratings.

To find more information on checking and savings accounts, research credit unions in your area.

Here's a list of the U.S. banks that have failed in 2015.

2012-2015 list of failed credit unions

Failed credit unionsDate closed
American Bakery Workers Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia01/30/2015
Health One Credit Union, Detroit12/12/2014
Metropolitan Church of God Credit Union, Detroit12/3/2014
County & Municipal Employees Credit Union, Edinburg, TX10/10/2014
Republic Hose Employees Federal Credit Union, Youngstown, OH09/30/2014
Louden Depot Community Credit Union, Fairfield, IA09/05/2014
IBEW Local 816 Federal Credit Union, Paducah, KY07/10/2014
Life Line Credit Union Inc., Richmond, VA05/23/2014
Health One Credit Union, Detroit05/16/2014
Mayfair Federal Credit Union, Warminster03/31/2014
Parsons Pittsburg Credit Union, Parsons, KS03/21/2014
St. Francis Campus Credit Union, Little Falls, MN02/14/2014
Bagumbayan Credit Union, Chicago12/12/2013
Polish Combatants Credit Union, Bedford, OH11/22/2013
Mayfair Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia11/1/2013
Craftsman Credit Union, Detroit9/6/2013
Greater Oregon Federal Credit Union, Burns, OR8/5/2013
Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union, Cleveland7/15/2013
PEF Federal Credit Union, Highland Heights, OH7/1/2013
Zane Trace Federal Credit Union, Zanesville, OH6/30/2013
Ochsner Clinic Federal Credit Union, New Orleans6/28/2013
First Kingdom Community Credit Union, Selma, AL5/31/2013
Electrical Workers #527 Federal Credit Union, Texas City, TX5/23/2013
Lynrocten Federal Credit Union, Lynchburg, VA5/3/2013
Shiloh of Alexandria Federal Credit Union, Alexandria, VA4/12/2013
I.C.E. Credit Union, Inglewood, CA3/15/2013
Pepsi Cola Federal Credit Union, Buena Park, CA3/15/2013
Amez United Credit Union, Detroit2/19/2013
NCP Community Development Federal Credit Union, Norfolk, VA2/8/2013
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church Credit Union, Milwaukee1/7/2013
Chetco Federal Credit Union, Harbor, OR12/31/2012
GIC Federal Credit Union, Euclid, OH12/13/2012
Border Lodge Credit Union, Derby Line, VT11/30/2012
Women's Southwest Federal Credit Union, Dallas10/31/2012
El Paso's Federal Credit Union, El Paso, TX9/28/2012
United Catholic Credit Union, Temperance, MI8/9/2012
A M Community Credit Union, Kenosha, WI8/1/2012
Trinity Credit Union, Trinidad, CO7/27/2012
Telesis Community Credit Union, Chatsworth, CA6/1/2012
Wausau Postal Employees Credit Union, Wausau, WI5/18/2012
Shepherd's Federal Credit Union, Charlotte, NC3/26/2012
Saguache County Credit Union, Moffat, CO3/23/2012
People for People Development Credit Union, Philadelphia2/19/2012
Eastern New York Credit Union, Naponoch, NY1/27/2012




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