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Credit Card Advice

Switching credit cards? Know this

Avoid nasty surprises when changing credit cards. Here are 5 things to watch for. Read more

Why do credit cards expire?

Those annoying dates serve a useful purpose. Learn how they protect you from fraud. Read more

Gift card gotchas on the decline

This popular gift comes with more extras and fewer hassles, our survey finds. Read more

The best gift cards for every age

What kind of gift card should you give? Consider the person you're buying for, our survey finds. Read more

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Credit Card Tips

Are credit card balance transfers a good idea?
A balance transfer to a low-interest credit card might sound like a great money-saving move to consolidate cards. But is it? Before jumping on an offer, read the fine print, calculate the costs and be realistic in determining how long it will take you to chip away at the balance. And even if all of the numbers pan out in favor of a balance transfer, you still have to qualify. Have a good idea of your credit score before you apply. Read more

Tips for using credit cards while traveling
Are you going to be using your credit cards while traveling this season? Will your card work where you're going? And is it commonly accepted? Before you hit the open road, here's how to know if your cards will be accepted and how to avoid identity theft, foreign transaction fees and other potential problems. Plus, learn ways to maximize free perks offered by credit card issuers. Read more

6 ways credit card rewards work for you
Want more credit card rewards? Credit card companies want your business, so they're dishing out more and better rewards offers. Besides more cash-back offers, you can increasingly choose innovative ways to receive your rewards points, such as using them to pay taxes, build retirement savings or receive gift cards with added discounts. Banks are also offering more loyalty programs for adding services. Don't just buy stuff with credit card rewards points; maximize your rewards with these six tips. Read more

Minimize credit card foreign transaction fees
Before you start packing for your trip abroad, check to see what's in your wallet first. Using some credit cards overseas will cost you up to 3 percent in fees. Avoid these costly dings by using credit cards created specifically for travelers' needs or by looking for a card that has no or low foreign transaction fees. Find out if the credit cards in your wallet carry any foreign transaction fees and which cards can help you avoid them. Read more

Paying off credit card debt? Avoid these risky moves
What's the best way to get out of the red? You could forgo little luxuries, such as paring down to basic cable and bagging lunch instead of dining out, and direct the extra cash to trim the debt. You could also pay more than the minimum payment each month and attack the credit card balance with the highest interest rate first. After several months of sacrifice, the credit card debt would be conquered and life would resume as before. But digging out of credit card debt is a tall order. These dicey strategies could make things worse. Read more

0 interest credit cards: 5 tips before applying
Zero percent credit card offers may sound tempting. And these no-interest credit cards, which are interest-free for a limited time, are more common than they were a couple of years ago. There's no doubt these credit card offers are enticing and can be a good deal if used correctly, but before clicking or checking "I accept" to get your new zero percent credit card, consider these five tips to make sure your decision is the right one. Read more

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Mitch Strohm

Will card fraud increase at the pump?

Fraudsters may be taking advantage of the lack of security at pay-at-the-pump card readers. Read more

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