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Comic Jeff Garlin reaches heights atop 'Curb' -- Doing lunch, L.A. style, led to the HBO hit "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Jeff Garlin
Elvis at 69: The king's fortune lives on -- Elvis Presley was near bankruptcy when he died in 1977. Today, he's richer than ever, thanks to the woman who divorced him. Elvis Presley
Dat Phan moves up, not out -- Winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" TV show, the former starving artist/current successful comedian understands money flows. Dat Phan
Peter Frampton invests in what he knows -- With his early money frittered or mismanaged away, he collects what he knows and loves -- musical equipment. Peter Frampton
Richard Lewis doesn't analyze money -- The legendary stand-up comedian cares less about investment matters, more about great jokes. Richard Lewis
Toby Keith: Invest in yourself -- Country star Toby Keith bought his way out of a bad contract and amassed a fortune by believing in himself and his work. Toby Keith
David Cassidy: A Partridge in a good place -- He only got $600 per episode in "The Partridge Family," but he's recovered quite nicely, personally and professionally. David Cassidy
Amy Grant: Giving as good as she gets -- The singer-songwriter discusses the professional and financial tumult that followed her well-publicized divorce. Amy Grant
No financial cliffhangers for 'Sue Ellen' -- Her royalty checks from "Dallas" have dried up, but actress Linda Gray has landed a successful investing stratety in real estate. Linda Gray
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Bobcat Goldthwait: Just say no to pooping winos, shrimp ranches -- The comedian says he's savvy enough to avoid blockbuster financial mistakes. Bobcat
Gene Simmons' financial kiss and tell -- The long-tongued rocker loves money and corporate deals, but don't expect him to be buried in one of his KISS Kaskets.

Gene Simmons
Anti-aging author has an unfurrowed financial life -- Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of "The Wrinkle Cure," spent years in medical school learning his skills, but his business success is largely self-taught. Dr. Nicholas Perricone
When investing, singer Blake Shelton loves his land -- The "Austin" singer has the answers for the fleeting life of a country star: Stay conservative. Blake Shelton
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