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Male adviser shaking hands with client couple © iStock

How to find the best bank

How do you find the best bank for you? It's all about fees and services. Read more

Mobile banking

5 dumb mobile banking mistakes

Be as smart with your banking data as you are with your cash. Shield yourself from thieves.Read more

Manage all your money on a phone?

You can complete almost any money chore on your mobile device, but should you?Read more

Internet banking

2 biggest myths of online banks

Holding on to your brick-and-mortar bank? Here's why you shouldn't fear going digital.Read more

What to ask before changing banks

Thinking of swapping banks? Skip the free toaster and check these factors first.Read more

6 must-have checking features

Is your checking account boring? Jazz it up with these elements.Read more

HARP 2.0


6 ways to use prepaid debit cards

Using a prepaid debit card

Want to limit spending for kids? Can't get a checking account? A prepaid debit card might be what you need.

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Ask Dr. Don

Why didn't my bank deposit clear?

Dear Dr. Don, What is an ATM "deposit hold adjustment"? I deposited a $1,500 check from another bank at my bank's ATM a day ago and it has not made it into my account. The bank says it has a "hold adjustment" debiting for...Read more



Claes Bell

Will chip debit cards make tipping awkward?

This change might make bad tipping harder once restaurants adopt chip technology.  ... Read more

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