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New brick building and parking lot

100 safest US credit unions

Is your credit union among the safest in the U.S.? Check our Safe & Sound Star Ratings. Read more

Mobile banking

Finance apps for Android phones

These apps can transform your Android smartphone into a powerful personal finance tool.Read more

Manage all your money on a phone?

You can complete almost any money chore on your mobile device, but should you?Read more

Internet banking

What to ask before changing banks

Thinking of swapping banks? Skip the free toaster and check these factors first.Read more

6 must-have checking features

Is your checking account boring? Jazz it up with these elements.Read more

How tech is shaping bank branches

As banking changes with technology, so will bank branches. Here's what you can expect.Read more

HARP 2.0


Man on the street interview

Shop for new checking

What if you received a letter that your once free checking account now has fees?

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Ask Dr. Don

Banks think that you're dead?

Dear Dr. Don, I have tried to get a checking account at several banks over the past 10 years to no avail. I financed a home through one bank three years ago, but it refuses to approve me for a checking account because a...Read more



David McMillin

Military service fuels money smarts

A new survey shows that young military members are positioning themselves for long-term personal finance success.  ... Read more

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