Mortgage Rate Trend Index Up: Dec. 18, 2014

Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

  • Derek Egeberg

    Derek Egeberg

    Branch manager, Academy Mortgage, Yuma, Arizona

    Look for the holiday season to push rates slightly higher and for that trend to continue into the new year.

  • Brett Sinnott

    Brett Sinnott

    Director of secondary marketing, CMG Financial, San Ramon, California

    The fall in oil prices is sending shock waves around the globe, largely affecting countries outside of the U.S., most notably Russia. Many believe at its next meeting, the Fed may remove language in regard to holding interest rates flat for a considerable amount of time. This will again bring back the question of raising rates in mid-2015, which has been their indication in previous statements. Although most of this will be built into the market, a slight increase would be expected, given the removal of the language.


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