Mortgage Rate Trend Index Unchanged: Aug. 28, 2014

Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

  • Holden Lewis

    Holden Lewis

    Assistant managing editor,

    For a while, the 10-year Treasury had a floor of 2.42 percent. Now that it has fallen through that floor, it probably will settle at a new level -- above a new floor.

  • Dick J. Lee

    Dick J. Lee

    President, Independent Mortgage, Newton, Massachusetts

    Rates will remain stable to slightly better. Traders will end the summer with a blah.

  • David Kuiper

    David Kuiper

    Vice president, Northpointe Bank, Holland, Michigan

    Overall, it was a pretty calm last week of summer leading into the holiday weekend, with very little action/activity in the world of mortgage-backed securities and mortgage interest rates. I don’t expect much, if any, volatility in the coming week, barring any unexpected data released or major event happening. Interest rates remain very favorable, making this an ideal time to buy, build or even refinance your home. Contact your local mortgage professional to see if/how/what this might look like for you.

  • Logan Mohtashami

    Logan Mohtashami

    Senior loan officer, AMC Lending Group, Irvine, California

    Good economic numbers aren't moving the market much. What is happening in Europe and in Russia has created some movement.

    A good Q2 GDP has been priced into the yields and it hasn't done anything to move yields higher. The 10-year chart is broken still, so we still have the ability to go lower, but for now it's staying at these levels.

  • Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton

    President, Americana Mortgage Group, Manhasset, New York

    Rates are flat.

  • Brett Sinnott

    Brett Sinnott

    Director of secondary marketing, CMG Financial, San Ramon, California

    Although economic news has been leaning in a positive direction, foreign tensions continue to hold rates at current levels. The Fed will still be the biggest factor in any large rate movement; more members are pushing for an increase in rates -- meaning we could see a decision sooner than expected.


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