Good banking habits with new technology

If your monthly account statements include overdraft fees or excessive ATM charges, explore mobile and online banking for cost-saving solutions that will put you on track for responsible money management. Millions of consumers have begun using digital tools to stay updated on their account balances, pay their bills and track where their money goes.

Here are three ways new technologies can improve your checking and savings accounts.

Say goodbye to postponed payments

Late bill payments can damage your credit score, but online banking can reduce the potential for these issues with scheduled automatic payments. If the amount of your bill varies each month, you can program an alert to review your bill and pay online without the added time of writing and mailing a check.

Be done with overdraft fees

You may have given your bank permission to pay for purchases when you do not have enough money, but you can avoid those dreaded -- and costly -- overdraft charges. Some banks offer mobile account alerts via text messages that warn you when your balance crosses a certain threshold.

Hang up on ATM charges

Those ATM fees add up. At many banks, the fees they charge for out-of-network cash withdrawals from their ATMs have risen in recent years, so sticking with your own bank for ATM transactions matters. Some financial institutions have begun offering smartphone applications that use GPS navigation to locate the nearest ATM and lower fees for accessing your cash.

If you want to search for banks, be sure to inquire about these services to determine which institutions can help you make adjustments to your financial lifestyle.


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