What retirees need to know about ID theft

Be judicious with Internet information
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From job sites to pen pal pages to Facebook, retirees are enjoying their time online.

It pays to be careful about what you share. Skip posting photos that show you in front of your home with the house number clearly visible. Don't mention your upcoming vacation, says Shearer. In short, don't do anything that would tell someone where you live, when you're home (or not home), your living arrangements or where you'll be at any given time, such as that Thursday night pottery class.

Ditto for job sites. Don't post or share your Social Security number. For a home address, you can rent a post office box. And if you have any questions about the information requested in an online job application, call the company's HR department and ask, says Pavelites.

The only time a company will "need" your Social Security number is after you've been hired or -- in some cases -- immediately before an offer if they run a background check. But you should not have to share it just to get your foot in the door.




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