Slump brings retirees bucket list bargains

How to hook a boating bargain
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How to hook a boating bargain

Hanging a "gone fishin'" sign on your office door for good may leave you wishing for a fishing boat.

With saltwater fishing boats, sales have slipped to barely a third of the level of four years ago, according to Miami-based Info-Link Technologies, which tracks the marine industry. "There are not as many toys being purchased, that's for sure," says company co-owner Jesse Wells.

Tighter supplies have boosted recovery some, but prices are still 10 percent to 15 percent below what they were a few years ago. Rick Levy, general sales manager of SunDance Marine in Pompano Beach, Fla., says a 25-foot center console fishing boat that would have been $100,000 is more like $85,000 today.

Used boats are even better deals, but do your research, Levy says. Owners have been dumping boats, but they're often underwater on their loans. "Buyers can find a deal if they pay what the boat is worth and not what the seller still owes," says Levy.




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