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Maybe working isn't so bad after all
Maybe working isn't so bad after all © Goodluz/

Maybe working isn't so bad after all

Some people miss work after they retire -- so much so that they go out and get another job.

"One of the things that surprises me, pleasantly, is when a client will retire, and we have worked out this plan for their finances and how they can live off savings, and then they call six months after retirement and say, 'I got a consulting job with my former company, and I don't need money from my investments anymore,'" says David Munn, Certified Financial Planner with Munn Wealth Management in Maumee, Ohio.

Some people are thrilled to hang it up after a long career, but many people derive a great deal of satisfaction and identity from their careers.

"Work gives us structure and meaning in our lives, and unless we have large periods of unemployment, it's hard to predict what kind of changes might unfold," says Derek Milne, retired clinical psychologist and author of "The Psychology of Retirement: Coping with the Transition from Work."


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