Early retirees who freelance for income

Barry Silverstein, retired at 57
Photo courtesy of Barry Silverstein

Barry Silverstein left the advertising business in 2006 to move from Boston to Asheville, N.C. But that didn't stop him from keeping active in the marketing world by teaching, writing and consulting part time. "I teach some online courses to help businesses brand and promote themselves, and I volunteer here in Asheville to help small businesses improve their marketing," he says.

Silverstein and his wife decided to retire after attending a retirement seminar in Asheville and talking to a financial adviser. "We really fell in love with the city, so we decided to try to make it happen," he says. "We spoke to a financial adviser who showed us we could afford it, so we moved." Silverstein also says the low cost of real estate in Asheville made his early retirement possible.

While providing some extra income, consulting work also keeps Silverstein busy -- but in a good way. "I have a lot of things that I'm doing, and it's a nice way to fill out the day. There's lots of variety, and I get the satisfaction of making some money with my skills and giving back to the community at the same time," he says.


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