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Zany ways that agents try to get noticed

Bad real estate agent
Bad real estate agent © Photo courtesy of The Harris Group

Trashing the competition may not win over clients. But tossing comedic jabs at a fictional real estate agent who is clearly terrible at his job will get your firm noticed.

To date, The Harris Group in Vancouver, British Columbia has garnered more than 64,000 views for its offbeat short film about Gary Shlitz, a shady amateur real estate agent who admits that he's only in it for the money. His marketing ideas are terrible (whispering his name in crowded places), he apparently doesn't own a cellphone, and his knowledge of the local market is so bad that he can't tell a residential listing from a commercial building. Plus, Shlitz's go-to mortgage guy isn't a traditional lender or a bank; instead, the lender prefers to remain anonymous and work out of an alley in a rough neighborhood.

But it's all in good fun. The video, which is cleverly titled "This guy is NOT a good real estate agent," may not have gotten The Harris Group a ton of local media attention. But judging from the comments, it seems like it was a hit with viewers.


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