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6 things real estate agents wish you knew

6 things real estate agents wish you knew
6 things real estate agents wish you knew © Olga Sapegina/

Real estate agents see it all.

From the unmade beds to the overstuffed garages to the "What were they thinking?" decor.

Over the years, they learn a thing or two: Why some houses sell, while others linger on the market. Why some promising buyers never make it to the closing table. How to get a better deal on the mortgage. Even just how much the other agents stand to make on your home.

And the good news is, they want to share.

Whether you're a buyer, seller or both, here are six things real estate agents wish you already knew.

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Real estate agents have seen it all while showing houses for sale. Unmade beds. Unrealistic prices. And orange shag carpeting. So there are a few things that agents wish you already knew.

For one: Real estate agents wish you understood -- really understood -- that the longer the house is on the market, the less likely it is to fetch fair value. Sometimes it's better to set a price just under the market value. You're more likely to get competing offers, and sell more quickly.

Another thing agents wish you knew: It's a bad idea to get a car loan before you close on the house. Avoid new debt until you've closed on the mortgage. The lender's going to check your credit a day or two before closing. New debt could cause a delay.

Finally, the house needs to be presentable. Sure, it has to be clean and tidy. But also, avoid cooking smelly foods while the house is for sale. And if the decor is way outdated, get rid of it. Create a warm, inviting, comfortable environment for would-be buyers.



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