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Green remodeling fights home-value blues

Slow the flow
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Cutting water use doesn't mean letting dirty dishes pile up, taking fewer showers or tolerating dead grass.

Michael Strong of Houston, a builder who holds CGP and LEED Green Associate designations, is expecting a 30 percent reduction in water consumption in a remodeling project called The House That Love Built, which will be run by a charity that helps homeless single mothers. The project ws completed in March at a cost of $440,000.

"We installed tankless water heaters and replaced all the plumbing fixtures with WaterSense fixtures,'' he says. WaterSense is an EPA program that certifies fixtures based on their water efficiency.

Water saving isn't just for indoors. Beere made use of an irrigation system that recycles water. In some areas, he replaced grass with pavers and concrete. He estimates that these moves will cut water consumption related to landscaping by 65 percent.




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