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5 types of credit union savings accounts

Is there a savings advantage at credit unions?
Is there a savings advantage at credit unions? © AdStock RF/

Though they're often known for their free checking, credit unions also offer wide-ranging savings accounts.

These accounts are partly aimed at helping kids and college students build savings, but adults can also stash away money for goals such as buying a home or going to Belize. And, they can earn some savings rewards that can be redeemed for movie tickets or iPods.

Credit union savings accounts are usually better deals for consumers, since they're highly tailored, says George Hofheimer, chief research and innovation officer at Filene Research Institute in Madison, Wis. Christmas clubs were one invention, he adds.

Best of all, the savings accounts usually have low minimum deposits, fewer fees than banks and lots of financial education tools for getting up to speed.

Here are some types of credit union savings accounts worth considering. If you're looking for great rates, check out Bankrate's credit union rates tool.


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