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Feb. 2011: Job Security



How do you feel about your job security compared to 12 months ago?

30 to 49 years old They were most likely to feel less secure (20 percent).
Under 30 years old They were most likely to feel more secure (30 percent).
Results were mixed from January: The number of people who felt more secure dropped, but so did the number who feel less secure.
Mark Vitner

"A sense that things can change quickly."

There are probably some contradictory trends. People feel better about job prospects, but still not great. They have a sense that things can change pretty quickly. Hiring has picked up. But there are 6.2 million people who are considered long-term unemployed. It's hard to feel real good when so many people know someone who's been out of work that long.

- Mark Vitner, senior economist, Wells Fargo


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