Space Coast Credit Union

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Space Coast Credit Union

Location: Melbourne, Fla.

Yield %Minimum to openMinimum balance to avoid feeMonthly service feeNonsufficient funds feeFee to use other ATMATM surcharge
Yield %: N/AMinimum to open: $25.00Minimum balance to avoid fee: $750.00Monthly service fee: $6.00Nonsufficient funds fee: $30.00Fee to use other ATM: $1.50ATM surcharge: $2.00
Notes: Basic Value Checking -- ATM affiliates: Shared Branching (OTC transactions only). Monthly service fee waived with five or more purchases, payments or transactions per month or $7,500 combined balance in checking, money market and loan accounts.

Bankrate conducted a survey of the 50 largest U.S. credit unions based on total deposits, surveying one checking account at each, along with the accompanying debit card and ATM transaction fees. The survey was conducted Jan. 6-16, 2014. For N/A yield: The account is not an interest-yielding checking account, or the yield is zero percent.


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