5 early retirement success stories

Todd Tresidder
Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder retired at age 35, after working 12 years as a hedge fund investment manager running a $20 million-plus portfolio. He says anyone driven to retire early may not find a leisurely lifestyle a satisfying way to live.

His wife encouraged him to share his investment knowledge with others, so Tresidder began his avocation as a writer, authoring several books, including "How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?" He pursues his passion for coaching others on how to retire early through his website,

Tresidder says to build assets faster, you must live frugally and save a high percentage of your income. This helps you in two ways: You save a lot, and you live a lower-cost lifestyle, which requires fewer assets to maintain.

Leverage is another way to create savings more rapidly, he says. For example, investing in rental real estate provides income and cash flow that keeps up with inflation in the form of rising rents.

Because the early retiree requires a longer time period for spending than those in traditional retirement, Tresidder says it's critical to create an inflation-adjusted income stream for spending needs that won't cut into principal.

"Inflation is like a cancer that devours savings," he says.


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