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Tech-savvy agents get results


LinkedIn’s profile format, similar to a resume, makes it ideal for business. Tech-savvy Realtors are not only on LinkedIn but are also likely to have recommendations from satisfied clients. LinkedIn members are active in groups on the site where they answer questions posted by other members. How many Realtors use LinkedIn? According to the NAR survey, 15 percent said they were likely to access it daily, 18 percent weekly and 17 percent monthly.

Facebook and Twitter

Ten percent of agents use Facebook daily for business, and 5 percent use Twitter, according to the NAR survey; many use both. Actual advertising is a different story, and Marguleas and others use targeted Facebook ads to reach specific homebuyers. "We ... network with thousands of people online, which leads to more people contacting us about buying houses," says Mesa, Ariz.-based RE/MAX Realtor Dean Ouellette, who uses Twitter.

While one Twitter user may not need a house, he or she might know a friend who’s looking. "When you talk to 2,200 people on a regular basis, those buyer opportunities get multiplied," Ouellette says, adding that having a large Twitter audience also drives traffic to his Web site.

Should you pick an agent using all the latest technology? "Make sure that (you) do not pick an agent who is just a techie but is aware of why using technology is so important," says Marguleas. "It must serve the purpose of saving the client time and money."


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