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See how the states rank for foreclosures in November

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Foreclosure filings dropped by about 18 percent nationally from October to November. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, which tracks foreclosures, this is how the 50 states and the District of Columbia ranked for foreclosure filings in November. The national average for foreclosure filings last month was 1 in every 1,533 housing units.

States ranked for foreclosures (for November 2016)
RankStateHousing units in foreclosureRatio of foreclosures*Percentage change from October 2015
1New Jersey3,572,1381 in every 5980.17
2Delaware411,2501 in every 7920.13
3Nevada1,185,2321 in every 7930.13
4Connecticut1,490,3811 in every 9690.10
5Maryland2,399,3751 in every 9810.10
6Florida9,051,8511 in every 9910.10
7Illinois5,299,4331 in every 1,0380.10
8Ohio5,135,1731 in every 1,0550.09
9New Mexico907,2331 in every 1,1470.09
10Pennsylvania5,578,3931 in every 1,2460.08
11Arizona2,874,5481 in every 1,3730.07
12South Carolina2,160,3831 in every 1,3980.07
13Massachusetts2,816,8751 in every 1,4950.07
14California13,781,9291 in every 1,5100.07
15Indiana2,811,6171 in every 1,5960.06
16Georgia4,114,4961 in every 1,6520.06
17Washington2,921,3641 in every 1,6990.06
18Hawaii524,8521 in every 1,7500.06
19Alabama2,190,6381 in every 1,7640.06
20New York8,153,3091 in every 1,7690.06
21Rhode Island462,9301 in every 1,7870.06
22Oregon1,685,8141 in every 1,7970.06
23Texas10,187,1891 in every 1,8830.05
24Oklahoma1,680,4571 in every 1,9610.05
25Utah999,7341 in every 2,0240.05
26Michigan4,532,7191 in every 2,0370.05
27Virginia3,403,2411 in every 2,0930.05
28Tennessee2,839,1421 in every 2,1360.05
29Maine724,6851 in every 2,1630.05
30Alaska307,8201 in every 2,1830.05
31North Carolina4,385,6681 in every 2,1970.05
32Missouri2,723,4171 in every 2,2320.04
33Iowa1,348,1511 in every 2,2620.04
34Wisconsin2,635,6021 in every 2,3300.04
35Idaho675,4211 in every 2,3370.04
36Colorado2,238,6241 in every 2,5300.04
37New Hampshire617,2861 in every 2,5830.04
38Arkansas1,329,1391 in every 2,9410.03
39Minnesota2,364,1491 in every 2,9590.03
40Nebraska805,2561 in every 3,6110.03
41Louisiana1,988,4601 in every 3,8090.03
42Mississippi1,284,7941 in every 4,2540.02
43Kentucky1,938,8361 in every 4,2890.02
44Kansas1,240,5291 in every 4,3070.02
45Wyoming265,1951 in every 5,2000.02
46Montana486,7821 in every 5,3490.02
47South Dakota369,1861 in every 6,8370.01
48West Virginia883,1971 in every 8,3320.01
49North Dakota332,0101 in every 11,0670.01
50Vermont324,3321 in every 11,5830.01
 District of Columbia300,7981 in every 3,9580.03

*Ratio of foreclosure is based on the total number of properties entered into ATTOM Data Solutions' database during the year, broken out by type of filing.


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