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Identifying the best personal finance applications, or apps, for the iPhone is a daunting task, given the number of choices available. But I found a few favorites and some honorable mentions to help you stay on top of your personal finances.

When choosing an application, consider what you're trying to accomplish. Typically, the best apps focus on doing one thing. Look at what your bank and brokerage accounts have to offer before surfing the app store. Major banks have mobile applications that report the balances on all accounts and let you pay bills and access e-bills.

However, third-party apps do many other things well. Because most apps cost $5 or less, you can always bid adieu to an app with a minimum of regret if a new one turns your head.

Remember, apps are only as good as you make them. They reinforce smart financial decisions, but will not get you to start balancing a checkbook or stick to a budget if you never have done so.

And don't forget to keep security in mind when using your cell phone to help with your finances. All of the applications reviewed have the ability to add password protection for the individual app.

Click on the app buttons at left to learn about different types of applications, including my personal favorites.




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Product Rate Change Last week
30 year fixed, 0 point 4.26%  0.22 4.48%
15 year fixed, 0 point 3.30%  0.01 3.31%
5/1 ARM 3.30%  0.05 3.35%
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Product Rate Change Last week
30K FICO-based HELOC 4.75%  0.01 4.76%
50K FICO-based HELOC 4.51%  0.01 4.52%
100K FICO-based HELOC 4.24% --0.00 4.24%
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Product Rate Change Last week
60 month used car loan 2.86%  0.23 3.09%
48 month used car loan 2.79%  0.42 3.21%
60 month new car loan 2.94%  0.04 2.98%
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Product Rate Change Last week
1 Year CD 0.89%  0.01 0.88%
2 Year CD 1.01%  0.02 1.03%
5 Year CD 1.59%  0.07 1.66%
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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 15.71%  0.01 15.70%
Cash Back Cards 16.36% --0.00 16.36%
Low Interest Cards 10.91% --0.00 10.91%

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