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Couponing couple Annie and Mike | Photo courtesy of Annie Mueller and Mike Catania

Saving secrets of couponing couples

See how three couples doubled up their efforts and magnified their savings. Read more

Mobile money do's and don'ts

Who buys a car on a smartphone?

About half of mobile device users have made a big purchase with it, our survey found.Read more

Manage all your money on a phone?

You can complete almost any money chore on your mobile device, but should you?Read more

4 ways to save with shopping apps

There's no need to clip coupons. Just swipe your smartphone to get a great deal.Read more

7 cool personal finance apps

With the new iPhone release, it's a good time to use these apps to help with your budget.Read more

Mobile App Tips & Reviews

Use phone to boost budgeting

© Eugenio Marongiu/

Your smartphone can be a powerful ally in your quest to create and stick to a budget. Read more

Smartphone apps to send friends cash

© llaszlo/

Need to settle up a debt with a friend quickly? These smartphone apps can help. Read more

Outwit car dealers with your phone

From showroom to financing showdown, here's how your phone can help you navigate the dealership.Read more

Trendy 'wearables' a hacking risk?

The technology may be moving faster than users’ ability to understand and deal with the potential risks. Read more

Beware 'cramming' on phone bills

© Alliance/

Driving and apps. Do these two words even belong together? Read more

Use apps for store rewards

© LDprod/

Your smartphone is teaming up with stores that want to give you a little something just for stopping by. Read more

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