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How to save money on groceries


The average American family spends more than $325 on groceries a month. To help trim the fat around that budget, we've got some money-saving tips for you to sink your teeth into!

First, combine coupons with in-store sales to take savings to the extreme. The average manufacturer's coupon is worth well over a dollar. Use those coupons together with in-store sales as well as rewards programs, and you could end up paying pennies for your purchase.

Next, buy in bulk when prices are at their lowest. In particular, stockpile nonperishable items, like toothpaste and cereal, when they're super cheap.

Buying in bulk for perishable items makes sense, too, but you'll want to share that stuff. If you're worried about not using six heads of lettuce before they turn brown, ask friends and family to chip in and take part in the haul.

Then, designate one week each quarter for pantry week. Live off food in your freezer and pantry without stepping foot in a grocery store. You could save an average of $277 a year.

Finally, we get it -- you're busy. But planning ahead is a big saver! If you plan out your meals for the week based on what's on sale and what's in season, you can cut back on impulse-buying and lower your food costs.

For more ways to save, and for all your other personal finance needs, visit I'm Amanda Rowe.

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