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A financial adviser can do more than manage the investments in your retirement plan.
There's no increase in Social Security survivors benefits based on a deferral of earnings.
An older, nonworking wife's benefits are on hold until her husband applies for Social Security.
Be patient before you start collecting, and you could get more bang for your benefits.
Many bury their heads in the sand when it comes to retirement savings. How about you?
Under certain circumstances, a withdrawal from an IRA is permitted without a tax penalty.
Investing your retirement money shouldn't cost you money. Here's how to fight account charges.
Weigh taxes and other factors to decide if a pile of cash now beats smaller payments over time.
Bankrate's Dr. Don tackles Social Security questions from individuals to married couples.
You can blindly apply for benefits. Or, you can be savvy and take a strategic approach.
Getting nowhere with your disability claim? Try these tips to increase your odds of getting benefits.
Most creditors don't have free rein to garnish your monthly check, but a few do, including the IRS.
Enhance your retirement lifestyle by claiming benefits based on your ex's earnings record.
The rules are complicated, but it's worth investigating to see if you can get a higher benefit.
It's possible to get Social Security based on an ex-spouse's work record even if you remarried.
Nearing or in retirement? These part-time jobs can keep your wallet flush with cash.
Don't hold a wad of cash without a return. Weigh investing in annuities and other alternatives.
A widow can take a survivors benefit at 60, but she has other options taking Social Security.
The market is just one thing that can wreak havoc on your retirement savings.
Those within 10 years of reaching retirement age lost jobs and face long-term unemployment.
A decade before retirement is no time to invest too aggressively -- or too timidly.
Don't rush to collect Social Security, especially when your benefits are getting a shave.
The benefits of working can outweigh the benefits of retirement in countless ways. We offer six.
Choose between saving for retirement and paying for your kids' college? Maybe you won't have to.
Medical maladies can create a financial crisis if they cut your career short.
Social Security survivors benefits work differently than regular benefits. Here's what to expect.
Before you invest, get to know annuity terminology and the different types of annuities.
Want to put money aside for your retirement in a tax-friendly way? Try an IRA.
There are benefits to buying a home five to 10 years before retiring. There are risks, too.
Should you "file and suspend" your benefits so your spouse can receive hers ahead of you?
Prior to cashing out a retirement account to pay down your mortgage, think about the implications.
Retirement planning with a goal of $2.5 million? Learn how you can do it.
Use every tool at your disposal, including a Roth IRA, so you can retire in style.
Learn about investing for retirement while you are in your 20s.
Three advisers offer different opinions to help a typical couple maximize their resources.
Bankrate helps you figure out how to manage your income in retirement.
When it comes to estate planning, this legal right can give an estranged spouse the last laugh.
If you worked in the U.S. but live in Canada, you and your spouse can draw Social Security.
Even a nonagenarian can get a mortgage. Whether it's wise is another story.
Many Americans now save less for retirement, according to Bankrate's monthly Financial Security Index.
You are entitled to a share of your spouse's benefits, but the amount depends on your age.
Cash-strapped retirees can add separate living quarters to their homes to generate rental income.
Depending on the situation, a spouse can get up to 50 percent of a partner's benefit amount.
These indexed funds get you a mix of small to large company stocks at lower annual fees.
Husband wants to pay down principal to make life easier on his wife after his death.
A worker should consider overall retirement-income projections, not just Social Security.
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