5 mobile banking must-haves

Mobile banking must-haves
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Mobile banking must-haves

Have you ever been away from home and realized that you forgot to pay a bill? Or you've needed to check your bank balance before making a big purchase? In the past, these situations would have caused problems for the typical banking customer. But now, with the rise in mobile banking, consumers can simply use their smart phones to authorize a payment or request a text with their bank balance.

Smart phones are taking the place of personal computers for many customers, says Greg Schwartz, chief information officer and senior vice president of USAA in San Antonio. "Anything that you can do on a dot-com platform, you should have the ability to do on a mobile platform," he says.

Are you taking advantage of all the mobile banking features available from your local financial institution? Here are five popular services consumers can use to enhance the banking experience.




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