6 signs that you are ready to retire early

Retirement » 6 Signs That You Are Ready To Retire Early

No. 3: You have reliable health insurance coverage
No. 3: You have reliable health insurance coverage © Alexander Raths/

Because Medicare doesn't kick in until age 65 and health insurance costs are rising faster than inflation, it's important to have a reliable, consistent source of health insurance. While health care reform will make health insurance more widely available, that coverage may get expensive. For many would-be early retirees, affordable coverage is most likely to come from a former employer.

"Having adequate health insurance and other insurance coverage including life, disability and long-term care is a factor in whether you can retire early," says Harrine Freeman, CEO of H.E. Freeman Enterprises in Bethesda, Md. A policy with low deductibles and copays that covers prescriptions, doctor visits, hospitalization, dental and vision will help keep out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible.


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