Moving parents in with you

Does your home need modification?
Does your home need modification? © dcwcreations/

It's also important to estimate the cost of home improvements, Fernandez says -- "grab bars, accessible shower or bath or sinks, bedrooms and baths downstairs, and so on."

Unexpected space issues can cause havoc, says Schroeder. "The doorways may not be wide enough for her walker. He may be able to climb stairs now, but for how long? They may want to bring along some of the furniture they are used to, and that brings up other issues. What happens to the rest of their furniture? Should it be sold or stored? All these little things can really snowball, and the expense and stress pile up."

Ideally, Modigliani says, a semiseparate place such as a former home office with its own bathroom can be adapted, affording some privacy for everyone.


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