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5 best fields for paid internships

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You need experience. They need recruits.

Paid internships are good work if you can get it. I'm Janet Stauble with your Personal Finance Minute.

Bank internships are booming despite the financial meltdown, and the biggest banks are paying upwards of 30 dollars an hour. These gigs could put you on track to become a financial examiner, the nation's fifth fastest-growing job behind IT workers and home health aides.

Uncle Sam is not one to discriminate against liberal arts majors. Federal agencies from the NSA to the CIA need interns from a wide range of majors.

And communications interns weren't a hot commodity until social media exploded. More businesses rely on students to jumpstart their social media marketing. Average intern pay hovers around 11 dollars an hour.

Accounting is an old standby for scoring a high-paying internship. It's a specialized skill set that firms are willing to pay well to get. Average pay spans from 10 to 18 dollars an hour, but the top firms pay more than 25 dollars an hour.

Tech interns like programmers, Web developers and engineers are also in demand and can command up to 30 dollars an hour.

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