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The 6 home renovations that return the most at resale

No. 4: New wood floors
No. 4: New wood floors | Compassionate EyeFoundation/Steven Errico/Getty Images

No. 4: New wood floors

Installing wood floors will get you most of that expense back when you sell, according to the remodelers' report.

The average cost of installing new floors is about $5,500. Homeowners recoup about 91 percent.

"Homes sell better when floors are wood," Severance says. "And, yes, you can get it back."

In the Northeast especially, "oak is always popular," she says. "I don't think you can go wrong with oak."

Recently, some wood flooring has been plagued by controversy over high formaldehyde levels and off-gassing.

If you can, opt for hardwood over engineered products, says Pekel. Some contain formaldehyde.

If you prefer engineered wood, ask a lot of questions, and find a knowledgable, competent pro who can tell you what's in various options, Pekel says.

Also, understand that in some cases, you pay up for better quality. If two floors look identical and one option costs $5 a square foot, while the other is $9 a square foot, you want to know what's behind the differences, Pekel says.

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