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Sometimes you can buy back your foreclosed-upon house. But it's complicated.
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30 year fixed refi 4.00%  0.09 4.09%
15 year fixed refi 3.08%  0.12 3.20%
10 year fixed refi 3.13%  0.11 3.24%
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30K FICO-based HELOC 4.32%  0.02 4.30%
50K FICO-based HELOC 3.98%  0.02 3.96%
100K FICO-based HELOC 3.83%  0.02 3.81%
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60 month used car loan 2.75% --0.00 2.75%
48 month used car loan 2.99% --0.00 2.99%
60 month new car loan 3.19%  0.01 3.20%
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1 Year CD 0.99% --0.01 0.98%
2 Year CD 1.22%  0.01 1.21%
5 Year CD 1.87% --0.00 1.87%
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Balance Transfer Cards 15.76% --0.00 15.76%
Cash Back Cards 16.44% --0.00 16.44%
Low Interest Cards 11.04% --0.00 11.04%
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