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Maryland had the highest rate of foreclosure in October. Is your state on our list?
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Can bankruptcy save my home?

Without decent income and your home in foreclosure, keeping lenders at bay will be tough.

Avoiding foreclosure: The basics

Here are strategies for avoiding foreclosure if you have trouble making house payments.

Can lender foreclose after Ch. 7?

Bankruptcy may have put your debts behind you, but it doesn't erase the bank wanting your house.

How much can creditors take?

When filing Chapter 7, you must disclose all assets, but it doesn't mean you can't keep some.

Can bankruptcy delay foreclosure?

Bankruptcy could be next for woman who fears losing her house after losing husband.

Walk away from home in Chapter 13?

Think about why you want to give up your home that's already in bankruptcy.

HOA fees due after condo eviction?

Timing is key when determining if you owe past HOA dues after an eviction.

Reclaim house after foreclosure?

Sometimes you can buy back your foreclosed-upon house. But it's complicated.

Top foreclosure states April: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is in the top 10 for April foreclosure rates. Check out the other nine.

Do banks know I lost my home?

If you lost a home through foreclosure, will opening a new bank account also be a hassle?
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