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Debt Management Guide

  • Debt treadmill
    Savings are at an all-time low in America, while the debt load continues to climb. We all know that times are tough, but just how bad is it?
  • How credit works
    It's tough to manage debt if you don't understand how credit works. Learn the process and find out how you can make sure you have a good credit report.
  • All about credit reports
    Very few documents will make as much difference in your life as your credit report. Learn how to obtain, read and understand your financial history.
  • Joys of good credit
    Good credit improves your financial health in more ways than most people realize. Keeping your credit rating is worth the effort, but don't get carried away.
  • Danger ahead
    Debt problems don't just suddenly appear. Most of the time they take a while, and if you're alert for signs of trouble, you can probably avoid any potential disasters.
  • Bad credit
    Bad credit can hurt a consumer in many ways. Don't make it worse. Understand how debt negotiation and bankruptcy work.
  • Getting help
    The bad news is that you're in financial trouble. The good news is that there's help available. Credit counseling and loan consolidation can make a difference.
  • Tools to use
    Having trouble getting your finances in order? Here are some calculators and other tools to help you work things out.

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