5 smart reasons for buying a used car

Keeping your peace of mind
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Keeping your peace of mind

It used to be that buying a used car was a roll of the dice. "Buying someone else's problems" was how some have described buying a used car. Today's consumer can minimize the risk and save money while avoiding hidden problems.

Companies such as Carfax and AutoCheck produce vehicle history reports. Based on the car's vehicle identification number, or VIN, these reports provide an array of valuable information including verification of the mileage and whether the vehicle was ever declared a total loss by an insurance company.

Nerad suggests consumers truly worried about a used car's potential hidden problems can also buy a certified pre-owned car. Certified pre-owned programs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in essence, certified pre-owned cars are vehicles that meet a manufacturer's established standards and carry some form of guarantee against defects similar to a new-car warranty.

"(Certified pre-owned cars) provide the amenities of a new-car purchase -- warranties and preferred interest rates -- that used car buyers haven't had available before," Nerad says.




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