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For most, summer time means vacation time which also means spending money. So to avoid spending all of your hard earned cash teamed up with vacation goers and compiled these tips on how you can save this vacation season.

First off don't plan too far in advance ... by being flexible with your plans you can make the deal your inspiration.

"Play with the dates and see what else is available."

Because the beach is always a summer hotspot ... hotels on the water are overpriced. By booking a hotel a couple blocks away you could save up to 20% a night. And make sure to look for hotels or condos with a kitchen.

"I don't eat out, that's really the main thing. I try to find a place where there's a supermarket."

Also avoid mid-summer stays. These are peak vacation times so prices are increased. You will get the best deals if you book April through May or after Labor Day.

If you're going to an amusement park -- stop into the closest grocery store before you head to the park. Soft drink, bread and yogurt will often have discounts on their labels.
Feeling a little daring? Try swapping houses. gives you a list of homes you can stay at around the world-for free.

And use social media. If you follow airlines on Twitter you can see when they are offering discounts on tickets.

"It helps save a lot and you do really find great deals."

There are only a few airlines that do not charge a fee per checked bag, so pack lightly and check exchange rates before flying out of the country. By being proactive about the rates you can avoid losing money per dollar you spend.

"I'm still waiting for the euro to drop a little more, France is on the list. So right now it's a $1.25 for one euro I'm hoping it goes to par."

Not into flying? Check out or to see the best rates in your area for gas.

And of course when you use websites like Groupon, LivingSocial and pay close attention to the all-inclusive package deals.
"They're really good with car rental prices, hotel prices; they can do packages to Disney."
"We do comparing just looking online at the website of the hotel or the airlines and it seems to always save when you go online."

By following these tips you will save a ton of money and have some left over for souvenirs. For more ways to save this summer on your vacation plans just check out I'm Theresa Heintz.



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