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Generic or name brand products?



When you're shopping you can generally sum up the products you get into two categories ... generic or name brand.

Generic are obviously cheaper. Whereas name brand are more expensive because you're paying for the marketing. So let's see what consumers like yourself would rather.

"I would rather a generic brand." (and why is that) "Because I feel like I'm getting a better value. I feel like I'm getting the same product and I don't have to pay for the name."

"I'm very happy with generic products as long as they fulfill what I need them for."

"I would prefer generic because of the price, because of the savings on the price. However there are some name brand products that actually do work better than generic so you need to look at the ingredients and look at the reviews before you decide for sure. But off the top of my head, preference would be generic."

"Generic because I find that they're the same as most name brand. I use them for diapers for my daughter, I choose generic."

"In general it would be the name brand product, so there's something to go back to, and you have a history with that brand."

"Generic brands just because they're cheaper obviously and in the generic brands that I've had I've never really noticed a difference in the quality of the product versus the name brand."

"I would definitely consider a generic if it was comparable quality. Some brand names over price, like they over price items that have questionable quality so a generic could be just as good."

When you are deciding between name brand and generic ... keep in mind what type of quality you want. For pain relievers ... go generic. To be certified by the FDA a pain reliever has to have the same active ingredient as its brand name counterpart.

In fashion- splurge on those key items that will last you a couple of years but stick to the cheaper items when it comes to trends and every day wear.

And grocery store items ... like soap, detergent and tissues ... you're paying for the marketing and slightly higher quality. Go with what you think works best

So which would you rather? For, I'm Theresa Heintz.



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