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Financial security a mixed bag


In this month's Financial Security Index, American's sentiments toward their financial security improved slightly. The index made it up to 99, which is right on the line between generally positive and generally negative feelings. This month's man on the street reflects that mixed bag result.

"I'm actually feeling a little bit better about my financial security as compared to a year ago. I think me and my family, I have a husband and I have two small children, we're doing a little bit better on our saving. I would say the hardest part right now is just the fluctuating gas prices. So, actually, my husband and I commute together to work in order to try to save because that was one of the biggest chunks of our budget."

"Probably in a very different situation than I was a year ago. Not as secure, just because personally my job situation is a little different, so a little shaky right now."

"Well, I got a raise at work, business is better at our firm and the economy seems to be doing better and all around it just seems to be doing steadier. My wife is doing better also. Most of my friends have gotten jobs who have been unemployed and for me personally it's been a lot better, a lot more steady."

We also polled Americans about whether they were saving more or less for retirement than a year ago. 18% said "more" and the same amount of people said "Less."

"It's about the same, my company matches. I always tell me friends or anybody, if your company matches to at least take advantage of that because that's like free money."

"I only make enough money to support myself, the bills and stuff that I've got to take care of now. It's hard to, you know, really set up for retirement."

"I was totally thinking I'd be able to retire a lot earlier than what I'm looking at right now. So I'm a little discouraged about that."

"I've got no retirement. I just turned 59 and I lost it all when the market crashed. I'll be working for a long time!"

Now regardless of your financial situation, it is important to be saving for retirement. For some helpful tips and tricks and to see all of this month's survey findings, Just visit I'm Lucas Wysocki.



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