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Consumers feeling financially confident?


Intro: The stock market is up and people's feeling about their overall financial health seems to be climbing as well. But just how confident are people about their jobs, financial security and investments? took to the streets to find out.

Take SOTs:

"Well I think the financial situation has improved somewhat, right now compared to what it was a year ago. So there's more, a little more optimism I think amongst business and just people at large. I think that's evident across the country."

"I'm speaking to a lot of people and they're all doing the same thing. They're just figuring out other ways to save money."

"Compared to twelve months ago, I can say I'm feeling a little bit better just because my position has changed where I wasn't working and now I am."

"Things are about even. I'm trying to make good decisions, financially. Pay my bills, not get overextended ... I'm kind of up and down on the stock market, because I've been in the stock market for a long time. I've lost money, I've lost a lot of money. I left money in the whole time, so it seems to be coming back."

"About a year ago I was in savings and CDs and moved it out into stocks and bonds and felt confident that now was the time to do that. So that's why I did it personally."

"I have no interest, none whatsoever in the stock market. I have not a stock and I could care less what it does, whether it goes up or down or whatever." (Had you previously been burned by the stock market?) "You might say that. In 2008, yes. Yeah, seriously burned."

"I would never buy stocks." (And why is that?) "If I want to gamble, I'll go to Atlantic City."

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