Annuities for retirement income



Main Intro: If you're looking to reduce the guesswork and worry of managing your nest egg in retirement,'s special feature looks at managing income in retirement.

Immediate Annuity Intro: Looking for more stable/ guaranteed payments in retirement? Then you may want to consider an immediate annuity.

Leslie Corcoran: The first one that comes to mind that I use with a lot of clients is an immediate annuity. That's an annuity where you give the insurance company a set dollar amount of money … you hand it over to them and then they promise to pay you a certain dollar amount for the rest of your life, for a certain period of term … um maybe for your life and your spouse's life. And there are ways to add some guarantees, because most people get concerned that if I give them a set dollar amount and then I die tomorrow, there goes all the money. But there are one's that say, "we'll give you X amount for the rest of your life, with the guarantee that at least what you gave us will be given out to your heirs," or different options like that to make you feel more comfortable.



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