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8 secrets to designing a camera-ready room

Neutral rooms, bright accents
Neutral rooms, bright accents © Asparuh/

One trick set designers like to use is keeping a space neutral.

"We like things to be simple and elegant," says Kaplan. "I think that's the most important element for any of our environments. We leave our colors to the accents."

So walls and big pieces might be off-whites or grays, she says. Smaller pieces, such as chairs, add a punch of color. "That way, it's easy to get them out of the way when you're done with them," Kaplan says.

The set of "Scandal" uses this tactic, as seen with the two red chairs in Quinn Perkins' office.

Novogratz agrees. In a neutral room with a bright throw pillow or colorful vase, "automatically," your eyes go to that, she says. "It just kind of freshens everything. The brightness stands out."

Another idea would be to reupholster an old couch in a bright color, says Paul DiMeo, host of "Second Act" on RLTV, and lead designer for Major League Baseball's Fan Cave.

If you don't have the skill to DIY or money for a pro, try decorating the couch with a bright blanket or throw, he says.


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