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8 secrets to designing a camera-ready room

Lighting is your (room's) best accessory
Lighting is your (room's) best accessory © Artazum/

With the right lighting, you can totally reshape a room, says Lowell. "Lighting allows you to see only what you want to see," he says. For a well-layered look, he recommends mixing the types of lighting in a room.

Try these strategies to brighten up a space.

  • Use recessed or "up" lights (available at home decor and home supply stores) to balance the light. Ideally, you want an equal amount coming from above and below, he says.
  • Light up the corners. "You're basically blowing out the corners -- and it makes the room appear bigger," he says. One cool effect is to put a can light under an umbrella palm (real or artificial) in a corner.
  • Put all your lighting on dimmer switches. "It adds a very theatrical quality," says Lowell.
  • Pin spotlights can "make a room feel sexy," like an intimate, upscale restaurant, he says. Use them to highlight some of your favorite objects in a room.


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