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8 secrets to designing a camera-ready room

Kill the clutter
Kill the clutter © MaxFX/

"Obviously, one of the very first things to do is get rid of the clutter -- the room dandruff," says Christopher Lowell, designer and author of "Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Organization."

"Nothing should be in the room that isn't intended to be there," he says.

One of his tricks: Stand in the doorway and squint. "If you can't make out what's on the table, it's clutter," he says. "It's too small."

If you're a collector, remember, "There's power en masse," he says. So either find a way to showcase your star pieces, or display the collection together (rather than scattered throughout the house), he says. Try mounting a few of the best pieces onto block-style shelves, so the collection becomes an art installation, he says. With that volume, the collection "takes on drama."


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