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6 feng shui secrets to sell your home

Don't get emotionally attached to 'your' price
Don't get emotionally attached to 'your' price © Tungphoto/

Feng shui alters the way you interact in your environment -- so you are at least half of the equation, Kennedy says. One of the biggest roadblocks he sees is an emotional attachment to a particular price.

"People are valuing the home based on an internal value rather than the market," he says.

That set-in-stone price can be based on anything from what the sellers need to zero out the mortgage(s), to what they "need" to buy their next home -- or even how much they want in the bank for retirement, he says.

Regardless, if you stubbornly hold on to $350,000 when the market is screaming $300,000, it won't sell, Kennedy says. And no amount of feng shui tactics will fix that.

His go-to fix is something called the "emotional freedom technique." It's a combination of memory, meditation and tapping specific acupressure points that you can use to give yourself an "attitude adjustment," Kennedy says. "Think of it as a change for your 'internal' feng shui."


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