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The Oscars: Money lessons from the movies

'Julie & Julia'
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Nomination: Actress in a leading role

Starring: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams

Synopsis: A frustrated office worker, Julie Powell, is inspired by Julia Child as she tries to create 524 of Child's recipes in 365 days, and blogs about the experience. The movie intertwines the lives of both women, who live in different time periods and different parts of the world.

The film, which gave Meryl Streep her 16th best actress nomination for her role as Julia Child, shows a realistic view with the Queens apartment of blogger Julie Powell, played by Golden Globe nominee Amy Adams.

"She and her (husband) lived in what I think was a realistic New York apartment," Martin says. "That was one of the rare times we see someone who was truly working sort of an everyday mundane job that wasn't glamorized."

It's juxtaposed against the spacious residences where Child lived in France and America with her husband.




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