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Money Q&A with 'Glee's' Matthew Morrison

As Mr. Schuester on the Fox-TV hit "Glee," Matthew Morrison gets to help his students search for meaning in a world that often casts them aside while also seeking meaning in his own confusing life. The reality is that Morrison, 32, has been on a straight and solid track for some time. Pre-"Glee," he was already a veteran of six Broadway shows, including "Hairspray," "South Pacific" and "The Light in the Piazza," the latter of which earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Musical."Now that "Glee" has made him immediately recognizable to teens and other "Gleeks" across the country, Morrison has embarked on the next phase of his career -- singing. His first album, called simply "Matthew Morrison," came out May 10, and features guest stars Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting. Morrison will spend mid-June through late July touring the country.

Matthew Morrison
Matthew MorrisonPhoto by PR Photos
How did you support yourself back in your struggling actor days?

I was a waiter for a little while, and I worked at the Gap in New York -- I actually opened a couple of Gap stores. I was lucky enough that I got my first Broadway show when I was 19 years old.

So you've been making a living as a performer since you were 19?

I have. I was a waiter in high school, and then when I got to New York, the Gap was the job for me.





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