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How to launch a second career

Understand yourself
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"When launching a second career, you have much less time to foul things up," says Jeffrey Deutsch. "That's what your first career was for."

He earned graduate degrees in economics, planning to go into teaching or research. But Deutsch, who has Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, says, "Many 'Aspies' have a hard time getting and keeping jobs, friends, relationships, even places to live ... and I was no exception."

Once he was diagnosed, he realized that he could help others by showing people how those who have Asperger's syndrome and those who are neurotypical (not on the autism spectrum) can interact with one another. That's when he started his business, A SPLINT, or ASPies LInking with NeuroTypicals.

"You have the advantage of hard-won experience in understanding not only what you truly do best, but also what you love to do," says Deutsch. "Use it."




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