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Coupon clubs: Save a buck at a coupon swap

Clip and collect
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Encourage members to bring in coupons from a diversity of sources -- everything from Sunday's newspaper to Tuesday's circular to today's magazine. At Bella Vista, members talk about the monthly topic, while passing around uncut coupon circulars, clipping to add to their personal stash.

"Everyone comes in with coupons and leaves with money in their pocket," Hine says. Leftover uncut coupons are stacked up and sent overseas to military families, since they can use the coupons up to six months after the expiration date, Hine says.

At the Michigan Coupon Club's "clip, swap and drop" meetings, nearly 50 members cut coupons while dining at a locally owned restaurant. Then the coupons are organized alphabetically by category such as dental care or beauty items, so members can browse and select the coupons they need.




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