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Coupon clubs: Save a buck at a coupon swap

Coupon clubs on the rise
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Whether you're a coupon queen or you procrastinate at clipping deals out of Sunday's newspaper, a coupon club might be right for you.

At a coupon club, members meet weekly or semimonthly to share money-saving ideas while clipping and swapping coupons. A coupon club isn't just about trading deals and tips, but also about community engagement.

"We discuss experiences members had during the previous weeks at local stores or online sites," says Diane Hine, a coordinator for the Bella Vista Library Coupon Clippers Club in Bella Vista, Ark. "It reminds me of the old-fashioned quilting bees in that we're doing the same thing in a communal way. It's very friendly."

Coupon clubs have been cropping up across the nation. We spoke with three successful club leaders to find out how you can start your own coupon club.




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