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Celebrity-style wedding on a budget

Who says only the rich and famous get to have the fancy weddings? You, too, can get married like a star -- without the Hollywood price tag!

The trick is to get inspiration from celebrity weddings and execute their ideas with creativity and thrift in mind.

"Celebrity weddings are a great source of ideas and trends that you can incorporate into your affair for much less money," says Sasha Souza, a well-known wedding consultant to the rich and famous.

For her lavish wedding, "Extra" television host Dayna Devon had handmade monogrammed velveteen cones trimmed with satin and filled with rose petals hung from every chair so guests could shower the bride and groom with petals after the ceremony.

"You can copy that look relatively inexpensively by being crafty," says Souza who planned the Devon nuptials.

"Use velum that can be purchased at any fabric store to make the cones, stamp on your monogram and trim with ribbon or inexpensive rope to hang from the chairs. Ask your florist to save the exterior rose petals and use those. Exterior petals are often thrown in the garbage by the florist. Instead of spending $800, you can copy the look for $50."

From your wedding cake to gown, there are many ways to re-create that spectacular celebrity style on a shoestring budget.

Star-style wedding

It may not be in an Italian castle a la the Holmes and Cruise nuptials or in a Scottish castle as in the case of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's 2000 ceremony, but jet-setting weddings have heated up even with the budget set.

"Destination weddings are definitely a big trend with celebrities and it's one that's being followed by regular people as well," says senior editor, Marilyn Oliveira.

"For regular people it often tends to be more affordable as 400 people probably won't show up -- just the people closest to you and who can take the time off of work will be there. You actually have a much smaller headcount so it's much more affordable," she says.

To save money hosting a wedding abroad, combine the honeymoon with the ceremony. Save on airfare and planning expenses by combing the two events and spend more time with the guests and wedding party.

Wedding gown

Celebrities often call upon world-renowned designers to create their wedding dresses. You can find reasonably priced designers who offer similar gowns at a fraction of the cost -- do your window shopping on the Web at sites such as, which lets brides and grooms to-be search through a vast database of every kind of wedding paraphernalia, including a collection of over 30,000 wedding dresses.


"Once you know the details of the celebrity's gown you can do a search based on those criteria and find gowns that look similar but are by different designers and are in a different price range," says Oliveira.

For instance, if someone wanted to copy Britney Spear's Monique Lhullier gown from her 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline, they could search for a strapless, A-line gown with a flare at the knees and recreate her look for a lot less money.

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